About Gyeonggi International Ceramic Biennale (GICB)

To showcase the glorious ceramic culture of Korea to the world and to serve as a center of global ceramic culture, Korea Ceramic Foundation (KOCEF) presents GICB, the world’s largest biennale for ceramics. Held simultaneously in the three cities of Icheon, Yeoju, and Gwangu in Gyeonggi-do Province, GICB features diverse programs including the main exhibitions, the International Competition, and the International Ceramics Symposium and Workshop. It is a platform for culture that stimulates discussion by assessing ceramic art as it is today and explores the future direction of ceramic art through experimentation.

Presenting Ceramic Artists the World Over for 17 Years
For the past 17 years, GICB has introduced both established and young, promising artists through many different exhibitions including, of course, the International Competition. From the first edition in 2001 to the seventh edition in 2015, many renowned artists including Peter Voulkos, Rudy Autio, Jun Kaneko, Anthony Gormley, Piet Stockmans, and Alessandro Mendini have participated in the major exhibition of GICB. Some of the prize winners of the International Competition include Richard Shaw, Edmund de Waal, Betty Woodman, Wayne Fischer, Philippe Barde, Yuh Sunkoo, Andrew Burton, Anders Ruhwald, Neil Brownsword, Alexandra Engelfriet, and Maarten Heijkamp. Having grown as a forum for the international community together with ceramic artists, educators, academics, and curators from throughout the world, GICB has established itself as a prestigious international art festival.

The 9th Gyeonggi International Ceramic Biennale (GICB) 2017

Theme: Narrative_Ode to Life
Duration: April 22 (Saturday) ~ May 28 (Sunday), 2017
Artistic Director: Kwanho Woo
Venues: Icheon Cerapia (main venue) / Yeoju Dojasesang /
  Gwangju Gonjiam Ceramic Park
GICB 2017 presents: Exhibitions, International Competition,
  International Ceramics Symposium and Workshop,
  and other collateral events
Host: Gyeonggi-do Province
Organizer: Korea Ceramic Foundation,
  International Committee of GICB
Partners: Cities of Icheon, Yeoju and Gwangju
Website: www.kocef.org/eng

Exhibition Overview

The 9th Gyeonggi International Ceramic Biennale, titled Narrative_Ode to Life, presents a wide range of ceramic works to narrate our lives. Since ancient times, stories of life have been a key subject in arts including literature, painting, sculpture, and ceramics. Narratives in the arts have been varied in time and region. Featuring past, present and pioneering ceramics around the globe, this Biennale will explore artistic views on humans and their history, culture and politics. This edition of the Biennale is composed of 3 main exhibitions as follows:

Icheon <Story>
Story displays approximately eighty works from around the world which deal with the subject of human and life. The exhibition will illuminate contemporary ceramic art which exemplifies diverse narrative styles.

Gwangju <Memory>
Memory brings together burial mound figures and figurines of ancient and early modern times. The exhibition will offer an opportunity to understand the lives in the past through the worksreflecting society, culture and philosophy.

Yeoju <Pray>
Pray is comprised of one hundred fifty cremation urns by contemporary ceramic artists from many different countries. Beyond the conventional concept of death, It will draw positive acceptance of life-and-death and the last ceremony for life.

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