The 10th Korean International

Ceramic Biennale 2019

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Korean International Ceramic Biennale (KICB) is an event to be held in Gyeonggi-do province, which is a heart of Korean ceramics industry and culture. It is to take a review the current status of ceramic arts across the world and issues of ceramic culture to see and discuss where we should go in the future. The KICB has been defining current status of international ceramic arts of the time and generating discourses with diverse artistic experiments, by exploring future direction of ceramic arts and now it will be marking the 10th event next year.

The 10th KICB to be held in 2019 is set to make new and innovative changes where ‘International Competition’ will take the center stage as the main event of the biennale. This is a move to be differentiated from the previous events of holding various programs under the pre-designated theme. The KICB2019 will be aligned with multi-layered academic events and workshop programs with all the selected artists. This will be planned to drive a new paradigm of art event as an ‘International Competition’ to lead the trend of ceramic arts and as ‘platform of arts’ where workshop, performance and seminars are conducted in harmony.

Period : September 27 ~ November 24, 2019 (tentative)
Venue : Icheon Cerapia, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
Hosted by : Gyeonggi-do Province
Organized by : Korea Ceramic Foundation, KICB International Committee
Events : International Competition, Invitational Exhibition of Torbjørn Kvasbø, Exchange Projects of Korean & Danish Crafts, workshops and seminars

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