With Newly Designed Online and Offline Exhibitions, Seminars and Workshops.

➊ The artists offered individual exhibition space

The International Competition of the 10th Korean International Ceramic Biennale (KICB) 2019 will be quite different from the previous nine editions, where individual works were designated as prize-winning works. The International Competition of the KICB 2019 will recognize active artists with great potential instead of individual works. In the first round of screening, three hundred artists will be selected for the online exhibition. In the second round of screening, forty of these artists will be selected for the offline exhibition of the KICB 2019, for which each will be offered exhibition space of 5m (w) × 5m (l) × 2.5m (h). Based on the portfolios and exhibition proposals submitted by artists, high-quality exhibitions will be arranged through consultation with the KOCEF.

➋ Round-trip shipping fees for the selected artists covered by the KICB

➌ ‘All’ of the fifty selected artists will be invited to the KICB 2019

Forty artists will be selected for the offline exhibition. They and another ten artists selected from among three hundred artists previously selected for the online exhibition will be invited to Icheon during the biennale. These fifty artists will participate in many different programs, including exhibitions, workshops, symposiums, networking programs, and on-site events, which will all substantially facilitate sharing of knowledge and international exchange.

➍ Groundbreaking “live-style” exhibition

In a move away from the traditional style of exhibitions of finished works shown in previous editions, the KICB 2019 will present an innovative ‘live’ exhibition featuring dynamic performances such as a lecture in an exhibition hall, art in the making, demonstrations, and hands-on activities. The International Competition will be arranged as a multisensory exhibition where artwork is understood and experienced through the five senses rather than an exhibition that satisfies only one sense: vision.

➎ Categorical approach to call for submissions & nominations :

    “Ceramics for Use” and “Ceramics as Expression”

➏ Judging panel of professionals and general public

The jury of seven internationally renowned experts will select three hundred artists for the online exhibition and forty of those three hundred artists for the offline exhibition through meticulous, exhaustive screening. During the biennale, the jury, together with the public, will select seven prize-winning artists among the three hundred artists.

➐ Online exhibition + Offline exhibition

Through the first round of screening, the International Competition will select three hundred artists to be presented in the online exhibition. This online exhibition will serve as a platform for the artists to promote their works by showing information on their works and to build international exchange in addition to affording visitors a visual experience. The webpage of each of the artists will be a space where the artists can freely update their profiles and work-related information and promote themselves. The artists will be given opportunities to exhibit and promote their works, and persons involved with ceramics will be given opportunities to collect information to be used for research and curation through this online exhibition, which will serve as an archive of ceramics and facilitate sharing of the values of ceramics.

Through the second round of screening, forty artists will be selected from among the three hundred artists who passed the first round of screening. These forty artists will be presented at the offline exhibition at the Icheon World Ceramic Center during the biennale, from September 27 through November 24, 2019.

Special Award(2) KRW 5,000,000 each

Ceramics for Use (1), Ceramics as Expression (1)

Online Exhibition (PR Platform)

Individual PR space for artists to update their profiles themselves

The 50 artists invited to participate in

biennale programs including exhibitions, workshops and seminars

Grand Prize (1), Excellence Prize (4)

Grand Prize
KRW 50,000,000(includes purchase price) +
KICB2021 Solo show
Excellence Prize
Ceramics for Use (2) KRW 10,000,000 each
(includes purchase price)
Ceramics as Expression (2) KRW 10,000,000 each (includes purchase price)

Offline exhibition + Online Gallery

On-site exhibition during the entire biennale will be online.

On-site programs

On-site programs

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